Air rifles are not likely at the top of the list of weapons for a new preppers survival cache, but they should be for the variety of tactical advantages they offer.

BB guns or pellet guns are often left of people’s list because they are not powerful compared to handguns and rifles, but you will find them to be quite useful in a variety of situations.

Practice Makes Perfect

For starters, it’s a quiet gun that, at least in the United States, is not regulated. Usually, this means that you can practice firing this gun on your own property without even irritating your neighbors, saving you time and money and letting you hone your skills each day.

In addition to saving range fees, the ammunition for the weapon is also relatively cheap. You can practice far more often without biting into your budget too much.

Hunting with Air Rifles

While you may not be able to take down a large animal with a “typical” air rifle, small game is very much in play with air rifle. This not only expands the menu, but also enables you to save your regular ammunition for when you really need it.

However, there are larger, more powerful air rifles available, but the cost rises significantly. As you are about to see, though, you can take down just about anything with a higher caliber weapon.

Cost Advantages of Air Rifles

You can also stockpile a lot more air rifle ammunition than others, both due to cost and size, making missed shots less of a problem. In addition, unlike regular ammunition, this ammo never expires.

Survival and Self Defense

Be it a regular hunting situation or a survival situation, stealth is a must, and with these weapons being virtually silent, you will never draw a lot of attention to yourself when using them.

And, while an air rifle is not exactly ideal for self-defense, it does allow you some form of defense if you are caught in a bad situation without a regular weapon. If you are lucky, just the appearance of the weapon itself will be enough to deter someone from attacking you.

If you have children, air rifles are a great way to get them familiar with handling a firearm without the danger of actually putting a pistol or rifle in their hands with live ammunition. Once they are able to handle their air rifle responsibly, they can graduate to a regular weapon.

Having a Colt strapped to your hip is great, but don’t sell the air rifle short. As you can see, it has some very pliable uses and should be considered a must-have weapon in your survival cache.