A Doomsday prepper from Covington, Indiana had probation officers check up on him. Then, they rifled through his stockpile only to find something very disturbing.


It turns out the prepper, Robert W. Bandy II, 28, had two homemade explosives on-hand, ready for use, via Journal & Courier.

Bandy has now been charged with several crimes, including manufacturing of a destructive device, manufacturing a hoax device, transporting a destructing device, and possession of a destructive device.

Why was he charged with manufacturing a “hoax” device? Police said they attempted to detonate both of the explosives, but only one worked.

The other simply fizzled, as did a bomb that Bandy set off himself before police got involved. This is a good reminder for preppers to always test your gear — just not explosives!

It’s really unfortunate that Bandy chose to make these bombs. He may have to serve time over them. From his comments, it doesn’t sound like the man intended to hurt anyone unless defending his life after a SHTF situation.

Still, every prepper should have federal and local law in mind when buying or creating tools and weapons. Even if you won’t use it until rule of law has collapsed, the authorities will not be pleased.

For example, our design for a DIY flamethrower isn’t legal for Californians to make or possess. We alerted you to this in the article.

On the other hand, even if your source of information tries to inform you of any relevant laws, they are always changing. You certainly need to look into them for yourself.

If you find state law is holding you back from stockpiling the specific tools or weapons you feel you’ll need after Doomsday, one option is to talk to your local lawmakers.

Also, many preppers consider moving states for better odds of survival. If you do, the state laws are certainly something you should consider.

Police also found a bulletproof vest, a handful of electronic parts, some nails, and other supplies in Bandy’s cache. In an affidavit, Bandy explained he liked to take electronics apart. He also said, “I have a very high IQ and can talk to you about physics all day. I’m just common sense dumb.”

Bandy is far from the only prepper who has a stock of explosives. And some of these people will have bad intentions.

The dangerous and immoral kind of “prepper,” who plans on stealing from others, will try to use these devices against you. These are the types of preppers, be it through ignorance or with a purpose, that give the rest of us a bad name. And you better believe you need to know how to deal with these types of preppers when the SHTF!