The prepper expo season is now underway. Survivalists, preppers, and homesteading families from across the country have ample opportunity to hone their existing skills and learn a whole host of potentially lifesaving new ones this spring and summer.

One of the first and largest prepper expos of the season will be held on May 26 – 27 in Irving, Texas. Tickets for the two-day Self Reliance Expo are surprisingly affordable and start at only $10 per adult. Can’t make the show in the Lone Star State? No worries — unless a TEOTWAWKI event happens before September — another Self Reliance Expo will be held in Denver on September 22 – 23.

Every visitor to the Self Reliance Expo website is offered a complimentary “Homesteader’s Master Plan” download. Every time I think I have learned all I need to know to help my tribe (my favorite term for our mutual assistance group) survive doomsday, I stumble across a worthy read or video and learn something new. The homesteading download is definitely worth reviewing and comparing against your existing prepper retreat set-up.

The schedule of presenters at the Texas prepper expo is top notch, with two of my personal favorites headlining the event – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. All of the attendees of their class will walk away filled with not only an enormous amount of knowledge, but having been highly entertained and feeling like they have just made two great new friends.

On the big event, Dr. Bones stated, “We have traveled the country in support of our mission to put a medically prepared person in every family. Events like the Self-Reliance Expo give us a platform where those in the preparedness community can learn, not only from us, but from many other survival and sustainability experts and develop a plan of action that will protect them from many different disasters.”

He continued, “From our standpoint, the level of medical preparedness of the average citizen is inadequate for situations where the ambulance may not be just around the corner. This is why we provide education in a mindset that assumes that modern medical care is not immediately at hand. Our book “The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Medical Help is Not on the Way” is now in its 700 page third edition. We’ve designed an entire line of medical kits for everyone from the casual hiker to the survival community medic; attendees to the Self-Reliance Expo can evaluate them in our exhibit there, hear our survival medicine lectures, and take hands-on classes we teach throughout the country.”

Doctor Joe Alton is an M.D. and member of the American College of Surgeons as well as a fellow at the American College of OB/GYN. Amy Alton, the wife of Doctor Bones, is an advanced registered nurse practitioner.

For prepping newbies, Joe and Amy are the hosts of the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour radio show. Medical preps are typically the most difficult aspect of preparing for a SHTF scenario. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy offer hands-on instruction, including practicing sutures on pig’s feet during many of their training classes.

Joe and Amy are the authors of the best-selling medical preparedness guide, The Survival Medicine Handbook. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have also written Zika virus and Ebola prepping and survival guide books as well.

“You don’t have to be a medical professional to get a lot of use out of this book,” Doctor Bones told me when we were chatting about the third enhancement and release of Survival Medicine. “The book also focuses on natural remedies. Many medical conditions could be aided by herbal remedies – the supply of conventional medications will quickly come in short supply during a long-term disaster.”

At this year’s Irving Self Reliance Expo, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will be teaching a Complete Wound Care Suture and Stapling Hand-On Class “for a limited number of students.” The presenters were not using an advertising ploy when adding the note about class size on the schedule. Joe and Amy’s classes ALWAYS fill up quickly, and they keep the instructor-to-student ratio low so each participant can garner essential hands-on medical preparedness skills.

Zachary Flower, the winner of Alone season 3, is the keynote speaker for the 2017 Texas Self Reliance Expo. He spent 87 days surviving alone in Patagonia and won the History channel’s season 3 contest — and $500,000 prize.

Angery American, or A. American, is also one of the most highly anticipated presenters at this year’s Self Reliance Expo. He has been involved in both survival and prepping since the early 1990’s. The accomplished and avid outdoorsman will likely be sharing his knowledge about primitive survival skills, wild edibles, and medicinal plants during the prepper expo. The Angery American is the author of Going Home and Surviving Home.

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