Teachers may not still give a summer reading list to their students, but preppers, who wholeheartedly believe we are all in this together and view preparedness as an educational journey, sure do.

The detailed books (many available on Kindle and as audiobooks for those who don’t fully yearn for honest-to-goodness paperbacks in their hands) on the five-part prepper summer reading list offer detailed guides, in-depth information, and step-by-step instructions on ALL aspects of preparing for a doomsday disaster and running a successful homestead or prepper retreat.

Typically, when someone gives you a wonderful gift, they say “enjoy,” but knowing how valuable these resources will be to your lives and how you’ll surely feel after reading them, I am going to skip right ahead to “You’re welcome!”

Prepper Summer Reading List Book #1 – Secret Garden of Survival by the Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin

The Secret Garden of Survival: How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest has continued to be a bestseller for three years with good reason. In the book, Rick offers something for all experience levels and all preppers, homesteading families, and off grid folks.

Rick and his wife, the queen of prepping herself, Survivor Jane, left high-paying corporate jobs to live a simpler and more self-reliant lifestyle. They did not have a lot of land to build a functional prepper retreat upon, yet they flourished and later shared what they learned with the world through their books, prepper expos, and television appearances. Rick and Jane are the co-founders of the only completely hands-on prepping “expo” in the United States – Prepper Camp. Austin turned down the offer to have Prepper Camp be featured in an episode of a “culture news” show by CNN because, well, Rick has integrity and is committed to helping other like-minded people prepare for when SHTF — and we all know how liberally biased CNN has become!

Rick has been featured in a special Off Grid edition of Newsweek, National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Castle, the Prepper World Summit, Mother Earth News, and PBS. He is also the host of Secrets of a Survivalist, one of the highest-rated prepping radio shows, and runs the Survivalist Gardener YouTube Channel.

Austin decided to harken back to an ancient form of gardening that does not require planting in highly visible rows, takes advantage of “good weeds,” and camouflages the growing crops from starving eyes.

Here’s an excerpt from the Secret Garden of Survival:

“Living through the aftermath of storms, with home damage, down trees, blocked roads, closed stores, empty gas stations, and the inability to use credit or debit cards at stores, makes you realize that you have to be prepared, and that you have to be self-reliant — because no one is coming to save little old you when everyone is in the same boat. Consequently, you learn to prepare by having adequate food storage, alternate means of cooking, cleaning, backup power, home protection, and ways to ‘light up the night.’

“So, are you prepared for the next disaster? Just what kind of disasters are you prepared for? Well, the truth is that it really doesn’t matter if it is a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake, a blizzard, or an economic collapse — the results will ultimately be the same. There will be no electricity, no water, no food, no infrastructure, no grocery stores, no gas stations, and after a short time, social anarchy will ensue, with every man for himself and the zombie hordes attacking anyone that has anything they might want in order to feed themselves and their own family.”

He or she who controls the food wins. Having a massive healthy garden will do you no good if everyone in your area, and those fleeing from the cities, can see it. Even a five-acre garden could be picked clean overnight while you slept – or when the person tasked with watching over the growing food gets picked off by a bullet fired from a secluded spot a hundred yards away from your carefully tilled rows.

During a recent conversation with Rick, we talked about one of the most likely, and potentially most deadly, doomsday disaster scenarios that could happen in America – an EMP attack.

“There would be mass panic, society would unravel, and the ‘have-nots’ would take from the ‘haves’ to feed themselves and their families. People would die quickly in the cities, and many of the survivors would ‘head out toward the country’ to find food and resources. We would be blind, without radio, television, or any form of communication,” Austin said. “We would be without gas pumps and without transportation. Just about every vehicle today is run by computer chips. The grocery stores would be out of food within hours—and could never be replenished again.”

Rick Austin’s other top selling books about preparedness include the Secret Greenhouse of Survival and Secret Livestock of Survival. Both books are chock-full of useful information every American prepper should incorporate into their preparedness plan.

Let American Doomsday Preppers know what you think of the Secret Garden of Survival and Rick Austin’s other equally worthy books after you finish reading/listening and learning from them!

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