It is time to practice your preps and stock up on essential survival gear. The summer prepper expo season is getting into full swing, with a multitude of events being offered to enhance the preparedness levels of all preppers, homesteaders, and survivalists around the country.

Farmageddon is one of the best prepper “expos” of the summer. Like Prepper Camp being held in North Carolina in September, this Ohio event offers hands-on homesteading and survival training by leading experts in their respective fields.

The two-and-a-half day Farmageddon event in the northern Ohio town of Atwater features Dr. Cynthia Koelker – the doctor who wrote Armageddon Medicine. Caring Hearts, Incorporated, Trading Post in the Woods, and Great Living Survival partnered with Dr. Koelker to host the survival event.

Each evening the expert presenters will gather around the campfire and enjoy not only insightful preparedness conversations with Farmageddon attendees, but they will also engage in a lengthy yet casual survival question and answer session.

“Our goal is to assist you in being prepared. We will help you learn as much as we are able in 2 ½ days, so you can return home with more skills, knowledge, and abilities to help yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community if a disaster happens,” the Farmageddon organizers said when promoting the survival and homesteading training offered at the June prepper expo.

Dr. Koelker will be offering hands-on classes throughout the weekend. The event is being held on the Armageddon Medicine author’s 20-acre farm and prepper training facility near Akron. In between classes, attendees can explore the beauty of the property, giving this June prepper expo a summer-camp-for-adults type feel.

Farmageddon begins on Friday June 16 and runs through June 18. The training is geared to adults and teenagers. The Ohio prepper expo begins with a BBQ dinner around the campfire on Friday evening.

A Natural Alternative class begins on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and lasts until 10:30 a.m. Farmageddon attendees will learn about herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, and other holistic medical treatments options, which could help save a life during a doomsday disaster scenario. Preppers attending the hands-on course will also learn about possible epidemics which could emerge after SHTF.

Beginning at 10:45 and running for an hour is a course entitled Emergency: Are You Ready? Presenters will discuss the many issues and obstacles Americans could face during an emergency scenario, including what basic survival skills will be essential to making it through the doomsday scenario. Attendees will learn about holistic approaches to dealing with and overcoming the changes that will surely occur and the fear that will surface after a long-term disaster strikes.

At lunchtime, the Farmageddon prepper expo goers will be treated to a solar oven demonstration and be offered the chance to cook their dessert in the off-grid cooking device. The lunch menu is comprised of Thrive long-term storage food. If you have never dined on Thrive food, you will likely be surprisingly delighted with the taste. I highly recommend the freeze-dried ice cream bites — think Dip-n’ Dots!

Farmageddon Survival Medicine Training Highlights

  • Clinical Procedures Without Electricity – Urine Testing
  • Suturing Workshop – Basic Suturing Technique
  • Casting and Splinting – Plaster Forearm Splint

This June prepper expo is well worth the trip to Ohio! Space is limited and time is running out, so venture on over to the Farmageddon website now if you are interested in spending the weekend honing your survival skills in the Buckeye State!

Image courtesy of YouTube Video