The co-founder of Practical Preppers, Scott Hunt, released a thick book filled with easy-to-read tips, instructions, and insights designed to help his fellow Americans survive a doomsday disaster. Hunt is an engineer by trade and a pastor in North Carolina.

It would be difficult to meet a kinder man than Scott Hunt. His passion for educating and helping others prepare for the worst is virtually unmatched.

In his first book, Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness, Hunt goes over all the usual ground in an easy-to-understand and detailed how-to manner and then ventures beyond the obvious to more advanced life-saving aspects of TEOTWAWKI preparedness.

A little about Scott before we move onto the book:

Hunt earned a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a sustainable living design engineer specializing in off grid water and energy systems, and he grew a successful business offering private prepper retreat consultation services for the self-reliance members of our society. Typically, when Scott travels to a prepper retreat to survey the setup and offer advice, he focuses on its water resources, power grid down cooking options, security, energy systems, medical skills and related preps as well as the person or family’s bartering capabilities and communications plans.

The experienced homesteader “graded” the preppers on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show, which was a tricky endeavor for a seasoned survivalist forced to work within the confines and parameters of a reality television show.

Ever wonder how those end of the segment prepping scores were developed and why? Wonder no more, my fellow preppers:

“One of the challenges in developing a scoring system was to level the playing field so that an urban prepper could score just as well as a rural prepper. We believe that everyone should be prepping, and we also believe that everyone can store water, food, and supplies. No excuses! So, we weighted storage very high for water and food. Some folks felt they didn’t need to store water and food to the levels we set, and therefore they got ‘dinged’ pretty hard even though they live in an area where they could grow a lot of food,” Scott told me when explaining how the scoring system worked on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers series.

Hunt went on to say “unhappiness” likely makes for high television ratings, but he noted that definitely was not the goal of the Practical Preppers evaluation team.

“We were not able to travel to each prepper’s site for an in depth assessment as there wasn’t a budget for that. Therefore, we relied on information sent to us via our checklist. Many times, vital information was not given. We understand that for OPSEC reasons, but it made for inaccurate assessments,” Scott added.

Hunt has also worked as a metal and welding fabricator and is an accomplished construction and agriculture machine operator. Hunt also served as the Calvary Chapel Pickens Senior Pastor for a decade. Scott worked for a decade as a development engineer for Michelin Tire and has been managing a cattle operation since 1995.

The big daddy of the prepper movement, Dr. William R. Forstchen, a renowned international EMP expert and author of the book which started it all, One Second After, wrote a glowing review of Scott Hunt’s book:

“My bestselling novel, One Second After, has helped to generate awareness about the threats of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), but though based on facts, it is ultimately just a story. When folks ask me what they should do to prepare, I tell them to put down the novel and pick up The Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness by Scott Hunt. Scott’s book provides the real info as to what you can do now to prepare you and your family for most any disaster scenario and come through it safe, sound, and alive. If you have ever asked yourself ‘what can I do to get ready if things go wrong,’ this book will give you the answers that can be the difference between life and death.”

His Engineer775 YouTube channel is one of if not the most viewed prepping channel on the social media platform.

“The world we live in is an unstable one. From natural disasters of biblical proportions to concerns about the economic downturn and government shutdown, the hits just keep on coming. At the same time, the power grid is incredibly fragile,” Scott Hunt says in the introduction of his book. “Our dependency on widely distributed long distance systems for power, medicine, and food makes our society susceptible to attack, whether by foreign or domestic enemies or the weather. No matter the concern, the solutions are the same. Scott Hunt, the owner of Practical Preppers, and an experienced engineer, homesteader, and pastor, offers readers a complete and detailed guide to sustainable living.”

“We offer a wide range of proven solutions that allow the prepper to be ready now. We stress that systems, supplies etc. need to be put in place now so they are ready when an event happens. Many of our customers have gone partially off the grid with their critical infrastructure like water, hot water, and heat,” Scott told me not that long ago when discussing the evaluation process all preppers should use when reviewing their survival plan and retreat.

Here is just a sampling of the skills Scott Hunt guides readers through in Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness:

  • How to secure water sources even in urban areas
  • The growing and preservation of food
  • Alternative energy sources
  • What belongs in your BOB and how and when to leave
  • Maintaining a safe, livable shelter
  • Medical preparedness
  • Safety and security of the retreat

Let American Doomsday Preppers know what you think about Scott Hunt’s book once you finish the guide and put your new or enhanced skills to good use! Remember, we are all in this together, so please share the Prepper Summer Reading Guide with those you love, so they too can prepare to survive a SHTF scenario!

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