Richard Duarte might be a lawyer by trade, but his preparedness and protection of our Second Amendment rights are his passion. His hit books you should read this summer include Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disasterwhich focuses on enhancing the survival skills of urban preppers and surviving doomsday. The books offer all preppers detailed insight which could substantially enhance their chances of living through a SHTF scenario.

Living through Hurricane Andrew in 1992 prompted Duarte to become more focused on preparedness.

I felt completely helpless and alone,” Richard told me when describing what he and his family experienced in the aftermath of the Category 5 storm. “Our house was literally torn apart all around us. There was nothing I could do about it, and there was no one to call for help. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and how completely unprepared I had been. That morning my family and I left the rubble of what had once been our home with nothing more than the clothes on our backs.”

Although he was grateful simply to be alive, he vowed to never again permit himself to be caught so drastically off guard. Some of the leading preparedness experts in America today have similar stories about how and why they became card-carrying preppers.

“After many years of trial and error, I developed easy, practical steps that anyone can take to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, what motivates most of us to be prepared is not fear but the desire to not live in fear. Being prepared has actually brought peace of mind back into my life,” Duarte also told me when describing how his first must-read book was born.

Richard firmly believes any fully functional and successful survival plan MUST be built upon the foundation of a strong self-defense and security platform. It is not just enough to own a lot of guns and possess a massive stockpile of ammo. You must be trained to use the weapons, learn how to repair them, and, if at all possible, reload your own ammunition.

“When the moment comes, you will either be prepared or you won’t; the choice is yours,” Duarte warned.

Richard understands what an unpredictable world we are living in today. We are but one man-made or natural disaster away from a massive doomsday scenario. In Surviving Doomsday, you can learn or enhance essential prepping skills to get you through any disaster we are likely to face. No matter why type of SHTF event you believe is most likely to occur, the basics of survival remain the same.

“Whether it’s a storm, a terrorist attack, an economic meltdown, or a pandemic – you need to be prepared. During any major crisis, there will be two groups of people – the prepared and the unprepared. After a few days without food, water, medical attention, or vital public services, the world around you will begin to look dramatically different than anything you could ever have imagined. Staying safe and avoiding the chaos will require thoughtful preparations and advance planning,” Duarte said when detailing the main facets of preparedness Surviving Doomsday focuses on.

What to expect from Surviving Doomsday:

  • A step-by-step guide to survival and preparedness to help you and your loved ones make it out alive — no matter where you live. 
  • An easy-to-understand approach to crisis planning, complete with specific strategies for securing the basic elements of survival we all must have to continue breathing — food, water, first aid, security, and sanitation.
  • Expert advice to help you fully grasp when it is best to bug-in and how to know when it is time to grab your BOB and get the heck out of dodge!
  • Security and self-defense tactics to help you better protect both yourself and your family during a doomsday disaster.
  • Lists — preppers love lists. Richard’s book offers a survival shopping guide to help ensure you have all the necessary emergency supplies and products to become a survivor and not a statistic after disaster strikes.

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